My research diary

Day 2

Unable to focus

This is what I wrote yesterday:


 My plan for tomorrow is to start analysing the data I have. I can ask questions later.

Yesterday my brain was overfull with ideas. Today I am feeling tired and stressed.

But I made a promise, to myself, to my co pilot in this venture, and to the public. So I’m going to write this diary entry and get on with the rest of my day.

I went back to the My NHS site and have downloaded some data so that I can study it and present it in a more exciting way.

Then I found that you can sign up for data feeds, which I have done:


There are 3 other options but I’m just concentrating on the feeds for now.

My next idea was to revisit what I had started yesterday. I decided to start with

Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Leeds and York Partnership overview

(This link will take you to the page shown on the image below)

Please don’t try to click on this, it is a screen shot!

I had a quick read of the information in each tab. The Reviews and Ratings page brought back memories of when I was under the care of my local mental health trust. Specifically the feelings of not being listened to or understood, the constant change of staff leading to repeated explanations of your story, and the criticism of crisis team.

But this is something I can work with. I can create a National list of services.

But then I started to get a bit lost and overwhelmed. There were links to the Trust Homepage, and to MindWell, which is “Mental health information for everyone in Leeds”.

I have a tendency to overstretch myself. I was like this when I was working. At work at least I had a structure and deadlines. But I would still work my socks off then wonder why I didn’t want to go to work the following Monday. I’ve lost count of the number of “breakdowns” I had at work over the years. I’m an extreme person, everything or nothing, it’s hard for me to find the middle ground.

For now I’m going to concentrate on one site, the NHS site. But it can wait until tomorrow.

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