Get Involved

Please help us to create a case for improving the mental health care we receive in the UK:

  • Visit our Facebook Site
  • Write blogs or articles about your personal experiences with mental health and its treatment. Bear in mind that the content will be public so don’t disclose any personal details. Post them on our Facebook Page and I’ll add them to the “Our Stories Page” on this site.
  • Contact your MP. Contact details can be found at
  • Find out statistics about your local Mental Health Trust that can be shared publicly to back up our argument for change.
  • Share relevant articles or videos to our Facebook Page to help us convince other people that change is needed
  • Find out how other countries provide for Mental Health care
  • Become an admin for our Facebook site or this website.  There are only 2 of us managing this at the moment and all help will be greatly appreciated
  • Send us suggestions

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